Broken Promises, Misuse of NG-CDF Funds Come to Haunt MP Peter Nabulindo



Matungu Member of Parliament, Peter Nabulindo, is facing a bitter taste of his own medicine as political support rapidly dwindles, with constituents feeling betrayed by one of their own.

Nabulindo, who ascended to power through a by-election in 2021, was initially perceived as a savior to the longstanding issues plaguing the once esteemed constituency. However, he is now grappling with the repercussions of unfulfilled promises and a growing political momentum rallying behind politician Bernard Wakoli, who came second in the 2021 by-election.

Tensions escalated at a recent funeral service when Nabulindo attempted to prevent Wakoli from addressing the mourners, resulting in chaos and the subsequent departure of attendees alongside Wakoli, leaving the funeral in disarray.

A former teacher from the Namamali area, Nabulindo positioned himself as a grassroots leader familiar with Matungu’s economic struggles. He pledged to overhaul education infrastructure, expedite road upgrades, bolster sports, support women and youth groups, and advocate for sugarcane farmers’ rights alongside fellow leaders.

However, these promises have seemingly been abandoned, as residents lament a flawed bursary allocation system, substandard progress in ongoing school projects (some of which have stalled), a lack of NG-CDF-sponsored sports initiatives, deteriorating roads, and reports of corruption and irregularities in NG-CDF procurement processes, compounded by Nabulindo’s dwindling presence in the community.

Some residents argue that Nabulindo has shifted too much responsibility onto local MCAs due to NG-CDF failures.

Initially elected on the ODM ticket after defecting from ANC, Nabulindo now finds himself at odds with both parties at both the constituency and county levels.

With the current year being 2024, his political fate appears increasingly precarious, and by 2027, his future may be all but sealed.

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