Hennessy announces plans to support local artists


Hennessy embarks on supporting creatives, empowers e-tailers as businesses go fully digital
Hennessy through its Never Stop Never Settle campaign initially launched before the coronavirus pandemic is supporting creatives to promote the spirit of pushing limits to achieve greater success. The initiative launched across the African continent to empower African youth actively engaged in their different lines of craft has drawn respected individuals inspired by the beverage’s spirit of standing the test time, to also inspire others to go beyond the ordinary.

In Kenya, the brand has been partnering with creatives such as top DJs and music artists to deliver online concerts – a much-needed entertainment relief given the covid-19 restrictions on movement. This came after the cognac maker launched a challenge of mixing Hennessy in different ways to show the creativity of mixologists while at home as they forged on to have their livelihoods return back to normal.

Other creative Hennessy has been partnering with include those in fashion, art, culture, and film spaces to promote the need to stay resilient while on the journey to breaking boundaries.

The speedy rise of creatives turning into digital influencers especially in the country right now has seen top brands partner to support them as well as push their brands’ awareness, sales, and brand equity through online platforms where most of their target groups as directly indicated by research spend their free time on.

Kenya is one of the leading African countries with an active brand- influencer engagement model that has enabled the same individuals to make money off-brand promotion while at the same time enabling them to expand their crafts as supported by resources provided by the sponsoring brands.

This also comes at a time when businesses, especially known brands are reaching out to consumers communities to support them in any way they can. This has in turn caused the inevitable shift to digital – new normal that seems to be picking up as illustrated by the increase in demand for alcohol thanks to limited physical movement.

On the other hand, electronic retail also known as e-tailing has made great strides in recent times and especially due to the coronavirus pandemic. Businesspersons have now turned to the internet to sell their products to their network of online audiences. Lifestyle products such as alcohol have been the biggest selling in this. E-retail has continually become a preference due to its unmatched convenience and other related aspects such as quick delivery and frequent sales offers.

Alcohol sales growth via the web currently looks inevitable. E-commerce is making an impact on just about every industry imaginable, and alcohol has already been disrupted.

As consumer demand increases, online models evolve and efforts to sell alcohol online expand, alcohol brands such as Hennessy have continued to address and meet changing consumer needs, wants & shopping patterns by being available on local e-commerce websites. This is to tap on the online alcohol opportunity to introduce frequent discounts with every purchase of the drink.

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