Hon. Mary Maingi Continues to Prioritize Electricity Connectivity in Mwea Constituency



Under the dedicated leadership of Hon. Mary Maingi, electricity connectivity remains a cornerstone of the development agenda in Mwea Constituency. With a steadfast commitment to progress, significant strides have been made towards achieving 100% power connectivity in the region.

The latest update reveals substantial progress, with transformers installed in various key areas across Mwea Constituency:

  1. Maendeleo – 2 transformers
  2. Kirogo – 2 transformers
  3. Nderwa – 3 new transformers
  4. Ngucui – 1 transformer
  5. Mugambaciura – 1 transformer
  6. Nyamindi – 1 transformer
  7. Rukanga – 1 transformer
  8. Rurii – 1 transformer
  9. Kasarani – 1 transformer
  10. Ndindiruku – 1 transformer

This strategic deployment of transformers is a testament to Hon. Mary Maingi’s unwavering dedication to improving access to electricity for residents across the constituency.

Furthermore, Hon. Maingi’s commitment extends beyond infrastructure installation. Both the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC) team and a dedicated team from her office have been actively touring villages within the constituency. Their objective is to ensure that every corner of Mwea Constituency is seamlessly integrated into the electricity grid.

In her pledge to the constituents, Hon. Mary Maingi reaffirms her determination to achieve 100% power connectivity in Mwea Constituency. She stands resolute in her promise to leave no stone unturned until every household and business within the constituency enjoys the benefits of reliable electricity access.

As Hon. Mary Maingi continues to champion electricity connectivity as a catalyst for socio-economic growth, her efforts are poised to uplift communities, empower businesses, and enhance the overall quality of life in Mwea Constituency.

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