How Tenderpreneur Celestine Waweru Milked Millions from Employees and State Agencies 


By Our Reporter

A blow by blow detail of how a daring and canning entrepreneur by the name Celestine Nguna Waweru has looted millions of government money can be revealed.

The woman whose office is located along the busy Habib road opposite Sheetatal Plaza in a mombasa has several companies among them Africa Memsap Technology.

She trades with government agencies in multimillion tender deals but our investigations paint a picture of a modern day cartel woman who has evaded payment of tax, used to remit employees benefits such as NHIF and NSSF and has also been on the spot for running away with compensation money meant for the family of one of deceased staff.

Investigative agencies have for the past few months been trailing her operations to find out how she lands many tenders and her tax payment history.

On the other hand, some of her staff are in pain because of the peanut payments she gives them. Currently and as per the law the minimum wage-bill is supposed to be 18k, but she is paying 11k a month. 

This year alone, she has landed tens of multimillion tenders where the proceeds as per our investigations are shared with cartels within government agencies.

She is also believed to have made inroads at City Hall Nairobi but we are yet to get details of her under carpet dealings with some of the county’s notorious cartels.

According to documents, Ms Celestine is a divorcee and stays in Makupa near Catholic Church, she smiles all long and can do anything to win anything her way.

“Darling and sweetheart” are her common introductory words whenever she is engaging potential wheel dealers like her.

A frustrated and irate Human Rights Activists in Nairobi has been following up on the plight of employees at ICD at the Capital City revealed that Ms Celestine was once an office cleaner but she forgets where she came from when it came to treating her employees well.

“I can tell you this lady has been a disaster to her employees. They are deducting NHIF and NSSF from their peanut pay-slips. Few days ago I heard of a case where one of the employees was sick but upon inquiry from the hospital the NHIF deductions were not remitted.” Said the activist.

The activist says she will be writing to the Ministry of Labour and relevant Trade Union bodies to ensure justice is served.

Celestine could also be in hot soup after a woman claimed that she squandered compensation money meant for her late husband Fanuel Oketch who died while on duty for Celestine.

She is believed to have bought   a white X-trail Nissan KDH 686R from the said amount totaling to  Ksh 1.5 million.

The money in question was paid by CIC insurance but she never did her part to give it to the affected family that is living in squalor.

The families as per our investigations live in a dilapidated iron-sheltered house that might collapse any time.

We dug deeper into her investigations and found out  that another  company she operates at KPA with the name Nguna Enterprises Company is registered as a disability oriented organization.

Nguna Enterprises has two directors that include Charity Wangari  with 700 ordinary shares and Harrison Mwadau Mtegi with 300 shares. Surprisingly she is the signatory in the bank with account number 0250264859394 at Equity Bank.

Charity is her sister while Mr. Mtegi is the disabled person that she uses to blackmail and manipulate her way through.

Shockingly the directors get peanuts and sometimes beg for help including her own sister.

To those who have dared to expose her, she has repeatedly bragged that she knows everyone in the atmosphere including the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Ethics and Ant-Corruption Commission (EACC) and even politicians.

A DCI who got wind of the matter simply answered: 

“Atajua hajui” she asked about the bragging being done by Celestine.

An interesting twist to Celestine operations was brought to the table by another source believed to be her intimate partner at the port of Mombasa.

The source said that celetine uses the darkforces of witchcraft as a weapon against those who try to bring her down or whenever she wants things done her way.

“She believes in witchcraft. Her own people don’t trust her, get to know what made her get divorced. Be careful she can eliminate you in a fraction of a second.” He said 

Another worker who did not want to be quoted due to sensitivity of the matter said that they have never been paid yet her contract at ICD Nairobi is coming to an end in October this year.

“We are here by the grace of God. We have not been paid for a Month now and if you ask. She threatens you with a sacking letter.” She said while wiping her face as she cried silently

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