ITW Africa 2023: A Gathering of Industry Leaders and Visionaries


The first day of International Telecommunication Week (ITW) Africa 2023 started with a bang, bringing together over 700 attendees and representatives from 28 different African nations.

ITW Africa held at a Nairobi Hotel has set a remarkable stage for collaboration, innovation, and discussions that will shape the future of Africa’s digital infrastructure landscape.

With an impressive turnout of participants from across the continent and beyond, ITW Africa 2023 has firmly established itself as a premier platform for key players in the industry to connect, share insights, and work towards a common vision of enhancing connectivity in Africa.

Eminent speakers from various sectors, including telecommunications, government, technology, and connectivity delivered thought-provoking addresses, providing valuable insights and strategies to address Africa’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati pulled up statistics showing current population and demographic trends indicate Africa will be home to 40% of the global workforce by 2100.

“They won’t just be serving Africa,” he said. “They will be serving the world from here in Africa.”

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Christopher Kemei from the Communications Authority of Kenya shared the inspiring success story of Kenya’s Universal Service Fund, which has already connected 750,000 Kenyans and aims to provide meaningful connectivity to every Kenyan within the next 3-5 years. The commitment to supporting the blind and disabled through telemedicine and online learning initiatives was particularly noteworthy.

Looking Ahead: as ITW Africa 2023 progresses, participants can anticipate even more engaging discussions, networking opportunities, and collaborative efforts aimed at driving innovation and expansion in Africa’s telecommunications sector.

With a diverse range of topics on the agenda, from infrastructure development to regulatory policies, the event promises to lay the groundwork for a brighter digital future for Africa.

ITW Africa 2023 is made possible through the dedication and partnership of various organisations and individuals who share a common vision of creating a connected, inclusive, and digitally empowered Africa.

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