Jijenge Credit Limited Urges Caution Amid Rainy Season


Jijenge Credit Limited Urges Caution Amid Rainy Se

In the wake of recent tragedies caused by the ongoing rainy season, Jijenge Credit Limited, under the leadership of Managing Director/CEO Peter Macharia Kamau, is extending a heartfelt message of concern and caution to the public.

With the rainy season unleashing havoc across various regions, including the recent Kijabe Dam tragedy claiming over 45 lives, Jijenge Credit Limited emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant and prioritizing safety measures.

“Amidst the challenges posed by the rainy season, Jijenge Credit Limited urges everyone to prioritize their safety,” said Peter Macharia Kamau, Managing Director/CEO of Jijenge Credit Limited. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and destruction caused by recent storms and flooding. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time.”

As storms and floods continue to affect communities, Jijenge Credit Limited encourages unity and support for those affected. The company acknowledges the resilience of Kenyans in the face of adversity and calls for solidarity in spreading kindness and assistance to those in need.

“Let’s kickstart the week with motivation and a reminder to stay safe during this challenging period,” added Kamau. “We stand together with the victims of natural disasters and extend our support to affected communities. Remember, safety should always be our top priority.”

Jijenge Credit Limited, as Kenya’s leading credit-only microfinance institution, remains committed to promoting financial inclusion and stability in the country. Fully licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya, the company continues to uphold its mission of providing accessible and responsible financial services to all segments of society.

In times of crisis, Jijenge Credit Limited reaffirms its dedication to serving communities and advocating for safety, resilience, and solidarity among all Kenyans

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