Kenya Partners with Charter Cities Institute to Advance Sustainable Urbanization



The Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development of Kenya has taken a significant step towards sustainable urbanization by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Charter Cities Institute.

The MoU, signed today, outlines a framework for collaboration aimed at promoting sustainable urban development in the country.

Hon. Alice Wahome, Cabinet Secretary for Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development, represented the Kenyan government in the signing ceremony, while Charles Hinga, Principal Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, witnessed the event.

Charter Cities Institute was represented by its Executive Director, Mr. Kurtis Lockhart.

The framework of engagement established by the MoU focuses on several key areas. It aims to support the Government of Kenya in achieving resilient urban services in secondary cities, strengthening urban governance, building climate resilience among urban populations, promoting city twinning initiatives, integrating refugee settlements into city planning processes, and facilitating the sharing of best practices.

This partnership underscores Kenya’s commitment to addressing the challenges of urbanization in a sustainable manner.

By leveraging the expertise and resources of the Charter Cities Institute, the government seeks to enhance the quality of life for urban residents while safeguarding the environment and promoting inclusive growth.

The collaborative efforts outlined in the MoU hold the promise of creating more resilient and prosperous urban centers across Kenya.

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