Kenyan Soldiers In Atmis Somalia Capture Minibus Full Of IEDs


Kenyan SOLDIERS in African Transition Mission in Somalia together with other Somalia security forces at Weel-Maarow village are reported to have captured a minibus filled with Improvised Explosive Devices.

According to Jubaland state officials , over 30 militants were killed in the operation while Somalia’s Ministry of Information placed the number at 40 killed while others escaped with multiple gunshot wounds.

Intelligence reports indicate that the Improvised Explosive Devices loaded on the minibus were to be used for Al Shabaab attacks in the Boni enclave in Kenya and the teams were actually ready for dispatch.

The soldiers jointly conducted the operation last night at Weel-Maarow, 43Km Northwest of Afmadow town, and recovered the minibus; loaded with ready to use Improvised Explosive Devices, three Rocket Propelled Grenades and seven AK47 rifles.

It is was reported that a total of over two hundred thousand Kenya shillings and some assorted foodstuff were also retrieved.

Speaking after the release of the statement, Spokesman for Jubaland Security Forces Major Mohamed Dahir Farah said that the efforts to degrade Al Shabaab have gained a new momentum, “We are hopeful to eventually degrade the Al Shabaab. We are also working hard with our international partners to mitigate attacks and solidify our forces to protect Somalia after ATMIS exit next year.”

Kenyan Forces have been on an onslaught to degrade Al Shabaab activities in Somalia since 2011 and beefed up security operations in the North Eastern and Coastal regions of the Country.

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