Kirinyaga Residents Rally Behind Senator Kamau Murango Amid Malicious Smear Campaign


Residents of Kirinyaga have risen in overwhelming support of their senator Kamau Murango, as media reports attempt to implicate him in the alleged theft of fertilizers meant for farmers.

Denouncing these claims as a malicious attempt to destroy his political career, Kirinyaga locals believe that their senator is a victim of an orchestrated smear campaign.

The controversy erupted when Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai shared reports on social media, alleging that 1500 out of 5000 bags of fertilizer were discovered at a property purportedly owned by Senator Kamau Murango.

However, residents are not taking these accusations lightly and firmly assert that their senator is known for his straight talk and has never been involved in any criminal activities.

Mercy Mwangi, a concerned resident from Kagio town in Kirinyaga, firmly believes that powerful cartels, in collusion with the media, are behind this campaign either to extort money from the senator or tarnish his political career.

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“As a close friend of President Ruto, it is not far-fetched to suspect that Senator Murango’s political opponents might be seeking to damage his reputation to weaken his standing both within the party and the region,” Mercy said.

Speaking anonymously, a reliable source revealed to the writer that the fertilizer allegedly stolen does not belong to Senator Murango, nor was it stored at his property, as he has not fully acquired the premises, and it was planted.

He said that the senator’s fight against powerful cartels exploiting the agricultural sector has made him formidable enemies among those who benefit from the status quo.

“There is a growing belief that the recent allegations are retaliation by the cartels for the senator’s unwavering stance against their exploitation of farmers. They seem to be resorting to underhanded tactics to undermine him and discredit his advocacy for the rights of farmers,” source said.

He noted that the timing of this smear campaign is particularly suspicious, as the senator is expected to accompany the head of state at Kagio Trading Centre, where the President will inaugurate a water project and address the residents of Baricho in Kirinyaga County.

“It is no secret that the senator’s strong stance against cartels has earned him enemies within these powerful networks. The attempt to implicate him in a fertilizer theft scandal might be seen as an orchestrated move to discredit him and undermine his political career. The timing of this attack on his reputation, just before a crucial political engagement with the head of state, further fuels suspicion that it might be a calculated smear campaign,” said the anonymous source.

He noted that as the investigation unfolds, the people of Kirinyaga will demand fairness and transparency, and they will not be swayed by baseless allegations aimed at tarnishing the name of a dedicated public servant.

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