Lack of land hampering KPA from bringing new partners on board


Transport Principal Secretary Mohammed Daghar disclosed that currently the port of Mombasa has limited land.


He said due to the lack of land space the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has been unable to bring new partners on board.


Due to lack of land the Authority has been unable to bring new partners to invest within,” he added.


Daghar said the state cooperation has been forced to acquire 3000 acres of land in the Dongo Kundu area.


He was making his presentation to the parliamentary committee on implementation session on having a second grain handling facility at the port at the state corporation’s headquarters conference room in Mombasa county.


The Transport Principal Secretary said the government is to ensure the Lamu port is operational.


Daghar told the committee there is plenty of space for the two economic zones and urged invertors to come in to invest.


He pointed out the authority has continued to receive proposals from many investors who have shown interest in carrying out development at the two facilities.


The state corporation will ensure the process of appointing new operators is duly followed, ” he pointed out.

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