Let’s resolve pending tenants’ issues before second phase commences


By Tobby Otum

The Mombasa county government has urged the private developer of the Sh 6 billion Buxton affordable housing project to finalize all tenant purchase agreements before handing over keys to the occupiers of the first phase.

County governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir said he wants to see all tenants are familiar with possible purchase agreements to end debates ahead of the groundbreaking ceremony for the second phase to be presided over by President William Ruto.  

He said house ownership at the affordable housing project is meant to be open to all.

“Before  handing over the first phase of the project let us ensure all tenant agreement documents are finalized,” he said.

 Abdulswamad said he wants to see all avenues are explored for tenants to be able to choose on their own.

He was speaking during a tree planting exercise at the first phase of  Buxton affordable housing project under Buxton Point Apartments Limited in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county.

The governor said all possibilities will be laid on the table to ensure tenants have options.  

Abdulswamad wants all financial institutions, including government, to be brought on board to ensure tenants make their own decisions.

He said his plea will make them move forward instead of sticking at one point.

“The bottom line is that one wants to own a house rather than paying a monthly rent,” he said.   

In his welcome remarks the investor, Suleiman Shahbal, who is also EALA MP, said despite the court battle for the past two years they have  been enable to deliver the 49 blocks of phase one of the project.

He added the delivery of the units  will be done on sectional basis with the first phase on target.

“I wish to confirm that the Head of State will commence the second phase of the project through a groundbreaking ceremony this month,” he disclosed. 

Separately, 300 meters away from the project, former Buxton tenants accused Shahbal, who doubles up as the private developer, for  betraying them to the extent of denying them to re-occupy their houses.

Buxton tenants association [BTA] deputy secretary John Tsuma  told the media they were in agreement that the ultra-modern units would be allocated to them upon the completion of the first phase.

He argued they were surprised to note that upon the completion of the project goalpost have been shifted against them.     

“Why is the private developer doing business with the house units which he has already sold to them,” he said. 

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