Makini Introduces Aftercare, Holiday Programme for Preschoolers


Makini Pre-School learners playing with beam balances at Ngong Campus during the launch of the Aftercare and Holiday Program. The free program is meant to cater for parents with busy schedules while ensuring that learners stay engaged and inspired after school and during holidays.

Makini Schools has announced the introduction of free aftercare and holiday program for preschoolers across its Nairobi and Kisumu Campuses.

 The program is designed to support families with busy schedules while ensuring that learners stay engaged and inspired during school breaks with a primary focus on providing a safe and structured environment for children to learn and explore.

The aftercare and holiday program will be offering a wide range of activities, including arts and crafts, music, drama, sports, and technology (coding).

Makini Preschool learners taking part in exploration and adventure activity jumping on a trampoline during the showcasing of the activities at the launch of the Aftercare and Holiday program at Makini Preschool campus, Ngong Road.


Speaking during the launch of the program, Makini Schools’ Regional Managing Director, Horace Mpanza highlighted that the programme will specifically address the requirements of working parents who often find it challenging to balance their work responsibilities with their child’s school schedule.

“We recognize the challenges faced by working parents in securing suitable childcare arrangements after school hours and during school holidays. We have listened to our parents’ concerns and in response, we believe that the aftercare and holiday programme will provide flexible scheduling options, enabling parents to fulfill their work obligations while ensuring that their children receive excellent care and gain valuable skills. This win-win situation benefits both parents and children,” Mpanza stated.

According to Mpanza, the program will be complemented by the top-of-the-line facilities and a team of well-trained and experienced teachers, at the institution.

“Our schools have the necessary facilities to enable learners to access a rich and stimulating learning environment even during school breaks,” he added.

The holiday programme will be offered in 4-6 week-long sessions, with classes running for 2 hours on weekdays from 3:15 pm – 5:15 pm.

Additional classes for upper grades are expected to be added throughout the year, offering a comprehensive range of opportunities for learners to learn and grow.

Parents and guardians have been assured that their children will be safe and supervised, as the programme is designed to provide a structured and secure environment for children.

With its comprehensive range of activities, flexible scheduling, and cost-effective approach, the programme is sure to be a valuable resource for learners and families alike.

Makini Schools is committed to providing quality education, support, and value to its learners and families, and the aftercare and holiday programme is yet another example of this commitment.

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