Male GBV Champions Adapt New Methods To Reach More People


Gender-based violence male champions in Mount Elgon have been challenged to reach out to more residents in their quest to achieve zero tolerance for violence in the region.

In the Monday meeting that incorporated over 50 champions from across the sub county, Janet Kisa, county coordinator for GBV prevention, lauded the team for their commendable job.

“We’re glad for the masses that you’ve reached this far, but there’s more you need to do in terms of campaigning against this monster called violence. Take up the challenge so that we see the fruits of this noble course,” she reiterated.

Mt. Elgon Assistant County Commissioner 1, Josephat Kipyator, appreciated the media for being aggressive and vocal on matters of GBV and FGM.

“This is a risky venture, and we need to be armed with knowledge and expertise to change the attitude of our people. As the administration, we are giving you full support by giving you forums in our barazas and closely working with our chiefs,” he said.

Overcoming Stereotypes

Most of the champions, however, explained their achievements, reporting that they’ve had to tackle many hurdles in their journey.

“So far, I’ve reached over 220 people in the Kopsiro area; many have turned a new leaf, and for most of the violence perpetrators who were drug abusers, we’ve counselled them and found them alternative sources of income,” observed Martin Cheptuge from Kipsikirok.

Rose Chemos, a Red Cross volunteer, divulged that she has in the recent past rescued three children, though the judicial journey has been quite a daunting task.

“I’ve been following up on these cases with the courts, but most of the time, there have been issues with the police, who have been compromised; however, there has been a change of guard, and I can gladly say there’s support from the gender desk we closely work with,” she reported.

It was conclusively agreed that the sensitization programme will perpetually be conducted more while schools are closed so that parents and students alike receive vital information.

The stakeholders present included the director of gender under the state department, Fredrick Makokha, Kimilili Deputy OCPD Evans Nyakundi, and Dr. Sikuku Kwenyi of Mt. Elgon Sub County Hospital, among others.

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