Malema Challenges Young Parliamentarians In Kenya to Remain Steadfast


By Mourice Seretta

Firebrand South African Politician and EFF Party Leader Julius Malema who has been in Kenya for two days now has maintained that President William Ruto needs to deliver to Kenyans what he told them during the campaigns.

Malema who was hosted today 10th November 2023 by Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association said that he has no bad blood between Kenya’s President William Ruto and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga, but says he does not like how they take Kenyans for a ride.

‘The other time I spoke harshly on how Raila Odinga handled the election results and his people asked me to stop and never to step foot in Kenya. What I meant is that no one needs to die in order for Raila to be President. Kenya has laws that need to be followed,’ he said.

He added that even in America, when former President Donald Trump rejected the results and called for mass action, he later came back to his senses and noted that violence was not going to get him the Presidency.

He also added that President William Ruto needs to do exactly what he promised Kenyans during the campaigns and not vice versa.

Malema took a swipe at President Ruto for supporting Israel against Palestine saying that it was not important as when the same happens in Kenya, nobody speaks about it.

‘There is war in DRC but nobody has spoken about it. All they say is that let those monkeys kill each other. Nothing more,’ he bellowed.

The vocal opposition leader in South Africa said Africa as a continent needed to to away with Visas and border controls so as to enable Africans interact and do business smoothly.

I am in Kenya and I feel like I am in Johanesburg. I see no difference. Do away with Visas so that Africans can interact freely. The reason we have xenophobia in our country is because we don’t know each other. If we moved freely and we let South Africans come and school here in Nairobi and vice versa, we can’t be having the same,’ Malema advised.  

Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association Led by Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji, Nominated MP Hezena Lemaletian, Starehe MP Amos Mwago, Saboti MP Caleb Khamis Saboti among others, several young Members of County Assemblies and student leaders were present. They all said they will follow in Malema’s footsteps to change the politics of Kenya.  

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