Mandera County Government’s Support for Education Applauded as CEC Education Releases Funds


Governor Ahmed Khalif,

By Samson Wire

Education in Mandera County has reached new heights, thanks to the efforts of Education and Human Capital Development CEC, Mr. Bashir Ibrahim.

Under the directive of Governor Ahmed Khalif, a total of 74,045,520 shillings has been disbursed to bank accounts, along with an additional 30 wards receiving 60 million shillings.

This funding will be administered by the County Bursary Board, responsible for distributing the funds to schools across the wards within the County.

In collaboration with the Turkish Government, the Governor will launch new university programs in Turkey, benefiting 30 students.

It is my pleasure to inform everyone, including parents, that the Department of Education Human Resources, under the leadership of His Excellency The Governor, Ahmed Khalif, has successfully released these funds, aligning with the Governor’s Manifesto on the ‘Elimu Kwa Wote’ initiative launched on January 16, 2023, in Rhamu within Mandera North Sub-county,” stated the CEC.

Mandera County Finance and Economic planning CEC Mohammed Ibrahim Aden during the oath of office

I am delighted to report that the department has effectively utilized the 350 million shillings earmarked for the payment of 61 public secondary schools in Mandera County. Furthermore, the department has provided subsidized fees for over 23,404 students. Our observation indicates that this has significantly improved transition, completion, and retention rates.

Mandera Technical Training Institute, a flagship project of H.E. the Governor, has also benefited from these funds, leading to a substantial increase in student enrollment from 239 to nearly 815 resident students.

Additionally, the department has allocated 9,150,000 shillings for various forms of assistance, including food.

Mandera County Governor Ahmed Khalif,

As part of our ongoing scholarship programs, the Government has fully covered the tuition fees for 11 female students pursuing various courses at USKUDAR University in TURKEY. They are expected to complete their studies early next year.

Upon the completion of their studies, H.E. Mohamed Adan Khalif intends to launch a similar scholarship program for another 30 students at different universities in Turkey.

The Governor is also in the process of launching a Bursary Fund of 460 million shillings for this financial year, which will benefit students in secondary, tertiary, colleges, and universities in one of the Sub-counties. Further details will be communicated soon.”

The CEC for education Mr Bashir had extended congratulations message to CEC finance Mohammed Ibrahim Adan for tremendous excellent performance in the effectiveness in the release of funds for the education sector in the County.

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