Ministry of Investments, Trade & Industry Donates Relief Supplies to Flood Victims in Westlands Constituency



The Ministry of Investments, Trade & Industry, led by Hon. Rebecca Miano, EGH, has stepped forward with a generous donation of relief supplies In response to the devastating floods that have affected residents of Westlands Constituency,

Hon. Rebecca Miano expressed her deepest sympathies to those impacted by the heavy rains, attributing the floods to climate change-induced disruptions in weather patterns. Despite the challenges faced, she commended the resilience and cooperation shown by the affected communities.

Under the leadership of President William Ruto, the Government has devised a comprehensive mobilization plan to address the crisis. This includes the evacuation of affected individuals and the provision of essential support. Hon. Miano emphasized the importance of cooperation with authorities and urged residents to relocate to safer areas.

The Ministry’s donation, comprising 11,813 packs of assorted relief items, aims to alleviate the suffering of flood victims. These supplies include beddings such as blankets and mattresses, assorted foodstuffs like rice, wheat, maize flour, beans, milk, sugar, and other essentials such as toiletries, sanitary pads, soap, and drinking water.

During the handover ceremony, Hon. Miano emphasized the collaborative effort involved, acknowledging the commitment of ministry staff to the cause. Additionally, she appealed to private sector stakeholders and the community at large to contribute towards supporting flood victims.

The donations were handed over to the Member of Parliament for Westlands Constituency and the County administration for distribution to those most in need.

The Ministry’s gesture underscores its commitment to providing support during times of crisis and its dedication to standing in solidarity with affected communities. As the floods continue to wreak havoc, the collective efforts of government and citizens alike offer hope for a brighter future amidst the challenges.

The generosity displayed by the Ministry of Investments, Trade & Industry serves as a reminder of the importance of unity and compassion in times of adversity, reaffirming the spirit of community and resilience within the nation.

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