Mombasa county government ready to support youth enterprises  


Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir has pledged that his County Government will have desks in each of the Early Childhood Development Education [ECDE] classrooms.

He has also pledged to support the youth-led enterprises to scale up their businesses across the county.

“We have been part and parcel of the Mombasa Plastics Prize [MPP] initiative since its inception and we are proud of the impact it has on our people,” he pointed out.

Abdulswamad added that apart from the impact it has on the county people it has also an impact on the environment and the economy.

The remarks were contained in his speech read on his behalf by the county executive in charge of Education and Digital Transformation Dr Mbwarali Kame during the graduation ceremony of nine local enterprises held at Sarova Whitesands hotel in Mombasa county.

The governor lauded the program saying it has transformed the county’s youths into stewards of the environment and elevated their ability to bring meaningful development of the society.

Abdulswamad said in his speech the initiative has really uplifted the county’s young people adding they are inspired by the potential they have within the county.

He pointed out there’s great potential in the innovations and urged them to carry on with the promise of a greener future.

“We have seen innovators who are creating models to assist county science students who have visual aids,” he pointed out.

The county boss reiterated they are committed to the program and will assist them in grasping the concepts about natural science and the human body.

Speaking at the ceremony United States Agency for International Development [USAID] Kenya Office Environment Officer Anna Ghnouly challenged local enterprises to take their businesses seriously and with dedication.

She urged them to be committed to take up the challenge to move their businesses forward.

“That’s important for them to take their business forward in an onwards transmission,” she pointed out.  

Anna argued it is very important for local enterprises to have commitment and take their businesses to the next level.

The USAID Kenya Office Environment Officer commended the MPP Incubator programme for the effort in collecting over 23 tones of waste since the inception of the programme creating a pipeline of 545 green jobs.

Anna told the ceremony it is estimated that approximately 120 metric tons of plastic waste is generated daily in Mombasa county.

She added since October last year the graduates who are promising start-ups from the MPP have received training to nurture essentials skills.

“The skills to launch green business that will help combat the county’s pervasive plastic waste issue,” she pointed out.

The USAID officer said they are committed to supporting initiatives like the MPP which reflects its dedication to fostering sustainable development.

Anna added this is empowering future generations and underscores the agency’s recognition of the transformative power of the community-driven action in addressing complex global challenges.

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