Mosiria Endorsed for Third Term as Gusii Spokesperson


Mosiria Endorsed for Third Term as Gusii Spokesperson in Landmark Gathering

In a historic event held at the Kenya International Convention Center (KICC), Mosiria, Chief Officer for Health in Nairobi County, was officially endorsed for the third time as the spokesperson for the Gusii community. The ceremony, attended by prominent figures including CS Machogu and Governor Sakaja, drew an immense crowd, with over 3000 individuals congregating inside while many more watched on screens outside.

Taking place during the Easter season, the gathering served as a platform for the Gusii people to embrace messages of reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace. Against this backdrop, Mosiria delivered a stirring message of hope, resonating deeply with the community and emphasizing the importance of unity in overcoming past divisions.

The significance of this event cannot be overstated. Despite previous efforts to unify the Gusii community, yesterday’s gathering marked a resounding success, standing as the largest assembly in Omogusii history within the city. It symbolized a turning point—a departure from discord towards a future characterized by cooperation and solidarity.

Mosiria’s endorsement carries weight beyond mere symbolism. As someone who has served the people of Nairobi tirelessly and without discrimination, Mosiria embodies dedication and integrity. His commitment to public service, even during late hours, reflects his unwavering devotion to improving the lives of others.

CS Machogu, acknowledging Mosiria’s heroism, pledged support in his efforts to reunify and uplift the Gusii community. This recognition underscores Mosiria’s leadership qualities and the potential for positive change he represents.

In conclusion, Mosiria’s endorsement as the Gusii spokesperson marks a significant milestone in the community’s journey towards unity and progress. His message of hope, coupled with the support of influential figures like CS Machogu, signals a new chapter defined by reconciliation, inclusivity, and collective action.

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