Motion to Impeach Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko tabled


By TheTimes

Tough times lie ahead for Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko after the county assembly formally begun the process of impeaching him.

The motion was tabled by Embakasi MCA Michael Ogada who is also the minority party leader in the assembly.

The MCAs are accusing Sonko of holding the county at ransom, failing to appoint a deputy and his refusal to sign the Appropriation bill 2020/2021.

Minority leader and embakasi MCA Michale Ogada, who moved the motion on Thursday, also cited gross violation of the Constitution, incompetency and inability to lead effectively.

The MCAs further accused Sonko of being unable to control Nairobi’s debts and clear pending bills, gross misconduct and bringing the office of the governor to disrepute.

Last week,governor Sonko said that he is not afraid of being impeached, vowing not to sign into law the budget which he says is illegal.

This is the second attempt by the assembly to impeach the embattled Govenor after the first attempt early this year hit a dead end.This is after the court barred the assembly from executing an impeachment plan against him.

Sonko has insisted that their is no legal framework through which the county can fund the NMS.Some MCAs however feel that he is out to frustrate the agency.

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