Mt. Elgon Farmers Disagree With CS Linturi’s Opinion About Reopening Donkey Abattoirs


By Isabella Maua

Donkey farmers from Mt.Elgon have held a demonstration against the reopening of donkey abattoirs within Kenya.

Speaking during the demonstration held at Kopsiro, Martin Sudi, Chairperson for Bungoma County Donkey Farmers, expressed his dissatisfaction with the sentiments issued by Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi insinuating the lifting of the ban on donkey slaughter.

“Despite the fact that Linturi is promising us a lucrative market opportunity in the donkey slaughter business, his idea is not in tandem with our expectations as donkey farmers because these beasts of burden are not only our friends but our source of livelihoods,” said Sudi.

The irate farmers who took to the streets with placards condemning the act in all possible terms pleaded with President William Ruto not to allow the lifting of the ban since it would trigger a rise in donkey theft in the region.

“President Ruto, please don’t allow the killing of our donkeys since they’re our helpers who carry water from the rivers, firewood, and farm produce to market places from the farm,” pleaded Judith Samburmo, a farmer from Chepyuk.

The farmers also cited donkeys as a source of employment and a cure for chronic diseases.

“We pay our children’s school fees and purchase household stuff with money from our donkeys; their milk also cures diseases like TB, which has claimed many lives,” stated Wycliffe a farmer from Kopsiro.

In the quest to save the African beast of burden, the Kenyan government banned the slaughter of donkeys in August 2021 and shut down all donkey abattoirs.

The move to lift the ban is, however, cited as being aligned with the high demand for donkey skin in Asian countries, which is a key component in making Ejiao, which supposedly treats conditions like insomnia, dizziness, and bleeding, besides boosting libido and containing anti-aging properties.

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