Murang’a Teachers College Faces Unrest Over Principal’s Management



Tensions are escalating at Murang’a Teachers College as teachers, workers, students, and members of the surrounding community voice serious complaints about the current principal, Purity Kihara Ngure. The grievances highlight issues of non-implementation of salary circulars, hostile work environment, and poor leadership.

Salary Discrepancies and Arrears

The college’s staff have raised alarms over the non-implementation of workers’ salary circulars since 2017, a situation unique to Murang’a Teachers College compared to other institutions like Kamwenja TTC and Kilimambogo TTC. Staff members are demanding immediate payment of accumulated salary arrears and have copied their grievances to the Ministry of Education.

Hostile Working Environment

Numerous allegations point to a hostile working environment under Principal Ngure’s leadership. Reports of threats, intimidation, and intentional dismissals have surfaced. The staff claims the workforce has dwindled from 48 to 26 without replacements, leading to overwork and additional pressures. Deductions in salaries and forced resignations are also mentioned as common practices in cases of disagreements with the principal.

Community Exclusion

The surrounding community has expressed discontent over being excluded from employment opportunities at the college. They allege that workers are brought in from Ngure’s home area, sidelining local residents. Additionally, the community claims they do not benefit from the borehole dug by the county government, which was intended to serve both the college and local residents.

Issues with Staff Housing

Teachers at Murang’a TTC report being denied access to staff quarters, which are instead rented out to outsiders. This situation has led to further dissatisfaction among the college’s teaching staff, who feel neglected and marginalized.

Intimidation and Poor Leadership

The principal has been accused of threatening and intimidating teachers with transfers. Critics argue that her leadership style has created a toxic atmosphere, stifling both staff and students. Furthermore, Ngure has exceeded the Ministry of Education’s five-year limit for a principal’s tenure at one station, now starting her eighth year in July.

Board of Management Concerns

Complaints have also been directed at the Board of Management (BOM), which reportedly consists mainly of individuals from Ngure’s home county and her personal acquaintances. The presence of a former labor officer, Dr. Kamau, on the board has not yielded any improvements in labor conditions, leading to questions about his effectiveness and qualifications.

Student Grievances

Students have voiced their own set of challenges under Ngure’s administration. Key issues include poor response to health concerns, conflicts over school fees, denial of food due to fee deficits, and a lack of appreciation for student leaders compared to previous administrations.

Call for Immediate Action

The collective grievances from teachers, workers, students, and the community have led to calls for Principal Ngure’s immediate transfer. The community warns of planned strikes and demonstrations if their concerns are not addressed promptly.

As Murang’a Teachers College navigates this period of unrest, stakeholders are urging the Ministry of Education to intervene and restore a conducive environment for education and work. The future stability of the college hinges on the resolution of these pressing issues and the establishment of transparent and fair management practices.

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