NACADA To Partner With Churches In Illicit Liquor Crackdown


By Isabella Maua

Christians and religious leaders have been challenged to intensify the war against illicit liquor in the quest to support the current illegal brew crackdown in the country.

In his speech at AIC Kipyeto on Sunday, during its grand opening and fundraiser to expand church land, National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) Board Chairman Rev. Dr. Stephen Mairori said that the church has a significant role to play in the fight against drug and substance abuse.

“It is saddening that we are losing our generation at a very alarming rate to alcohol and drugs; the alcohol our forefathers used to take is not what we have today; nowadays, people are selling poison in alcohol bottles,” noted Dr. Mairori.

He, however, lauded the unity among leaders from Mt. Elgon, citing collaboration between Principal Secretary for Health Harry Kimtai and Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany, who are at the forefront of fostering peace and development in the region.

“Alcoholism has killed many people, and families are dwindling; however, we are grateful that our leaders at the top are leading by example, talking to our youths, and guiding them on opportunities to cease,” he reiterated.

PS Kimtai, on his part, cautioned chiefs and local administrators against laziness and lenience in apprehending illicit liquor brewers and sellers, affirming that they would lose their jobs instantly.

“The deputy president is ready to lose his job in the process of fighting illegal alcohol, and so am I, but before it reaches that point, anyone sleeping on their job should be the first to exit,” he warned sternly.

Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany extolled the church for its sacrifices in the process of fighting illicit liquor, which has long been a thorn in the flesh.

“It is prudent that we appreciate our leaders for their selflessness to see that Mwananchi is better placed and that our youth are salvaged from the monster that has consumed them, called alcoholism,” stated Bungoma’s second in command.

She also ceased the opportunity to thank Uasin Gishu’s first governor, Jackson Mandago, and Kenneth Lusaka, the sitting Bungoma governor, for their support in seeing the churches grow and flourish in the pursuit of a better society.

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