Nairobi County Assembly Ad hoc Committee Investigating Revenue Collection System Grill KRA Officers


The ad hoc committee of the Nairobi County Assembly, currently investigating a significant decline in revenue collection, raised concerns about numerous reversals within the system during today’s session.

Led by majority leader Peter Imwatok, the committee sought an explanation from Charles Kerich, the county executive member for finance, regarding the reasons behind these reversals.

Kerich defended the county’s position, stating, “Chairman, we only have access to the dashboard and cannot alter or reverse transactions.”

ODM nominated MCA Fathiya Abdilahi expressed worry that the county government is losing substantial amounts due to the unclear processes within the system.

Abdilahi revealed findings from a two-day public participation, indicating that significant payments for county services were reversed.

“Allegedly, two Kenya Revenue Authority officers, Wamae and Nyota, were identified as having control over the system and were implicated in these unauthorized reversals,” Fathiya said.

Due to limited time, KRA officers were not able to respond to the queries during the session.

Consequently, the committee adjourned, scheduling a continuation of proceedings for January 9th, 2024.

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