Nairobi County Assembly Prioritizes Disaster Management in Supplementary Budget Amid Heavy Rains


Wilfred Odalo, Chairman of the Budget Committee in the assembly



Nairobi County Assembly has passed a supplementary budget bill emphasizing disaster management as a top priority.

The move comes as parts of the city grapple with severe weather conditions that have led to widespread flooding and environmental challenges.

The supplementary budget allocates Sh240 million towards disaster management and Sh300 million for environmental initiatives, reflecting the urgent need to address the city’s current weather-related issues.

Key sectors such as ward development fund, bursary, health, and agriculture have also been factored into the budget to ensure a comprehensive approach to city development and welfare.

A detailed breakdown of the allocations reveals Sh120 million designated for bursaries to support education, Sh100 million for road infrastructure improvements, and Sh300 million for effective garbage collection within the city.

Wilfred Odalo, Chairman of the Budget Committee in the assembly, emphasized the thorough scrutiny of project proposals presented by the executive.

“We re-aligned the budget to the projects which the executive has proposed, going in line with its agenda,” said Odalo.

Wilfred Odalo, Chairman of the Budget Committee in the assembly


He also addressed concerns regarding legal matters, indicating that despite some public outcry which may not have been entirely genuine, only Sh80 million was allocated to address these issues.

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