Kennedy Ngondi Ranked As High Performing Speaker In New Findings


Nairobi County Assembly speaker Ken Ngondi has been named the best performing after passing the highest number of bylaws.

A report by the Social Audit Network (SAN), has revealed that under the leadership of  Ngondi  the county has the establishment of the Nairobi City County Assembly Public Service Board, which has seen the smooth running and flow of the County Assembly Business in conjunction with the Office of the Clerk.

The County has passed the highest number of Policies and By laws ever seen since the start of devolution.

The structural leadership between the Assembly both minority and majority are working in a bipartisan perspective and approach taken thanks to the County Assembly Speaker.

According to the findings, legislation, policy and other instruments needed for the smooth flow is the mode of operation at the county assembly.

The supplementary budget, and financial appropriation estimates have also ensured that Nairobi City County as a devolved unit remains intact and has built strong channels within the County Government Act with the Executive and Senate that is people driven and development and service provision taking center stage.

It has been established that the Oversight Role of the County Assembly has remained vigilant and independent in its operations. Through the County Speaker, the floor of the House has been opened for mature debate and has seen little or no standoff and wrangles that were the norm at the assembly.

The Oversight role played by the County Assembly members all 127 of them rest in the capacity of the Assembly leadership, particularly the oversight role of ensuring that what the County Government is in line with the constitution and various statutes provided for, the formation and the smooth running of the committees of the Assembly that have the mandate to interrogate, inquire, make request for Information, both on Revenue and Expenditure.

The findings show that there has been a considerable shift in the over sighting role played and the citizens of Nairobi can rest assured that under the leadership of speaker Ngondi.

The County Assembly as mentioned has been able to lobby at the Senate budgetary and other County related committees for increase of funds to the Assembly to enable members undertake their oversight mandate with the requisite resources available.

In matters cohesion, diversity and gender balance, the Nairobi city County Speakers Office was found to be ethnically balanced, community considerations, and gender sensitive.

The Office has six employee as provided for in the SRC Act and Circular; 1 Personal assistant (Muslim) Female, 1 Driver (Luo), 1 Cook (Kamba), Gardener (Luo), Personnel Secretary (Kikuyu) female.

The Membership of the Public Service Board at the Assembly also scores high in regards to Cohesion as membership of the Board comprises of the Speaker, two members nominated by both minority and majority, the clerk and two members representing the Public.

Any recruitment of staff is mandated to the Nairobi City County Assembly Public Service Board and as provided for ion the Constitution and County Government Act 2012.

As far as public participation is concerned, the County Assembly of Nairobi has proven to be one that allows for the same, access to information, receives public petitions and takes action as proscribed in the Laws of Kenya.

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