Nairobi County Calls for Ban on Street Parties and Reggae Concerts in Residential Areas


Nairobi County Assembly majority Leader, Peter Imwatok

Nairobi County Assembly majority Leader, Peter Imwatok, has submitted a proposal to ban all street parties and reggae concerts in residential areas, citing concerns over rising criminal activities, disturbances to residents, and moral decay.
In a statement to the Nairobi Assembly, Imwatok emphasized the need for immediate action to address the negative impacts of these events on communities.
“In the recent past there has been a growing trend in the city where individuals have organized street parties in form of reggae concerts in residential areas which attract both the youths and school-going children,” Imwatok said. “The parties are characterized with all kind criminal activities, immoralities and drug abuse, mugging of residents, and loud music.”

This proposal follows the recent decision by the police in Makongeni to halt a highly anticipated reggae concert scheduled to take place at the Makongeni Social. The event, organized by Makadara MP George Aladwa, was denied permission after concerns were raised by residents about its potential negative impact on the community.

Residents expressed worries about the influence of these events on school-going children.
“This concert is causing harm to our children, exposing them to drugs, alcohol, and other immoral activities,” said one concerned parent. “Our girls are also not safe, as they are being exposed to early pregnancies and other STIs and HIV.”

The call for a ban on street parties and reggae concerts in residential areas underscores the growing concern over the social and public health implications of such events. It highlights the need for greater regulation and oversight to protect communities, particularly vulnerable populations such as children and teenagers, from exposure to harmful influences.

As the proposal moves forward for consideration by the Nairobi County Assembly, it is expected to spark discussions on the balance between cultural expression, public safety, and community well-being. The decision taken by the assembly will have far-reaching implications for the future of street events and gatherings in Nairobi’s residential neighborhoods.

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