Nairobi County Secretary call for Return of the City Court from Judiciary


Nairobi City acting county secretary Patrick Analo has called on the Nairobi County Assembly through the justice and legal affairs committee (JLAC) to assist in bringing back the City Magistrate court which was taken to Milimani Law Courts by the judiciary.

The City County has lost over Ksh. 59 Million since the standoff between the county government and the judiciary over the matter.

Analo said the city magistrate court which handles petty cases was transferred to Milimani to be managed by the Judiciary on October 2, 2023 and cash bail and fines will be paid at Milimani Law Courts after issuance of an invoice at the Milimani Law Courts County Registry counter.

“Once the residents know that there is no enforcement of the laws and county bylaws, the city will slide back to where it was. Nairobians will flout the various county laws, bylaws and other petty offences knowing that the enforcement has been shifted. Expect spitting, littering, prostitution and hawking without license if the courts will not be returned to the county government of Nairobi,” stated Analo during a committee meeting with the JLAC Committee on Wednesday afternoon.

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