Nairobi DG Njoroge Muchiri Inaugurates the 4th County Liquor Board, Sub-county Committee


Nairobi City County liquor board and sub county liquor and licensing committee has been unveiled by Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri.

Chief Officer for Business and Opportunity Zipporah Mwangi during the inauguration of the new liquor board

This is the 4th board since the function was devolved from the national government and is mandated to advise the county government on the control and licensing policy on alcoholic drinks.

Speaking during the inauguration of the new board, the deputy governor asked the team to liaise with other government agencies to establish treatment and rehabilitation facilities and programmes for persons dependent on alcohol.

“We want to see a change in this sector, come with programmes for public education and creating awareness on the negative impacts of alcoholic drinks,” Muchiri stated.

He also tasked the new squad to regulate the conduct of the sub county committees and review their decisions.

The newly appointed liquor board chairperson Mike Rabar congratulated the new board and committee lobbying for team work in order to ensure increase in revenue collection.

Newly appointed liquor board chairperson Mike Rabar speaking during the inauguration of the event

The county executive committee member for Business and Hustler opportunity Rosemary Kariuki reminded the new team to ensure liquor and alcoholic drinks should not be sold to persons under the age of 18 years.

“We are looking up to you to streamline what has been happening in the past such as noise pollution caused by pubs operating in the estates and selling alcohol to children,” she noted.

Business and Opportunities chief officer Zipporah Mwangi said the sector aims at rendering timely and quality services to Nairobians in a manner that will ensure order and dignity in the City for all.

“We will support businesses through biashara loans where every ward in Nairobi will get Ksh 10 million annually for micro, small and medium enterprises. We are in the process of reviewing the liquor act to eradicate ambiguity grey areas and accommodate the emerging issues such as noise pollution,” Zipporah said.

She also said that a number of projects have Kickstarted including the establishment of the first rehabilitation center at the Sinai Health Facility in Industrial Area.

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