Nairobi Health Facilities Receive Boost Following Chief Officer’s Supervision


Chief Officer Geoffrey Mosiria Ensures Adequate Resources for

In response to Governor Sakaja Arthur Johnson’s call to bolster the preparedness of healthcare institutions, Chief Officer of Health Facilities, Geoffrey Mosiria, undertook a thorough support supervision at Mama Lucy Kibaki Eye Hospital today. The primary objective of this oversight was to verify the hospital’s readiness by ensuring the availability of critical resources, including eye theatre equipment, pharmaceuticals, and non-pharmaceuticals. Moreover, the visit aimed to monitor the efficient utilization of these resources in meeting the healthcare needs of Nairobi residents.

Chief Officer Mosiria, during his visit, expressed satisfaction at the dedicated efforts of healthcare professionals at Mama Lucy Kibaki Eye Hospital. He commended the staff for their commitment to providing quality care to patients. Notably, the facility has witnessed a consistent surge in the number of clients seeking services, both from within and outside Nairobi City County.

The continuous rise in patient numbers underscores the growing significance of efforts to fortify healthcare provisions in Nairobi. Governor Sakaja’s directive emphasizes the need for hospitals to be adequately equipped to meet the evolving healthcare demands of the city’s residents. The support supervision conducted by Chief Officer Mosiria is a tangible step toward ensuring that health facilities are well-prepared and efficiently utilizing available resources.

The Chief Officer’s visit encompassed a comprehensive assessment of Mama Lucy Kibaki Eye Hospital’s resources, with a focus on eye theatre equipment, pharmaceuticals, and non-pharmaceuticals. The aim is to guarantee that these essential components are in place and functioning optimally to provide the best possible care to patients.

In addition to ensuring resource availability, Chief Officer Mosiria engaged with hospital administrators to discuss potential expansion plans to accommodate the rising number of patients. He highlighted the importance of strategic planning to meet the growing demand for healthcare services, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach involving the government, healthcare professionals, and the community.

As Nairobi continues to grow and evolve, the health sector plays a pivotal role in the overall well-being of its residents. Governor Sakaja’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services aligns with the broader vision of creating a healthier and more resilient city. The diligence displayed by Chief Officer Mosiria in overseeing the readiness of Mama Lucy Kibaki Eye Hospital reflects the administration’s dedication to meeting the healthcare needs of Nairobi’s diverse and expanding population.

This supervisory initiative, which includes discussions on potential expansion, marks a proactive step in fortifying the foundation of healthcare facilities. It ensures they remain responsive and capable of delivering quality services to the people of Nairobi. The commitment to ongoing assessments and improvements reflects a collective effort to build a robust healthcare system that can adapt to the dynamic needs of the city’s residents.

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