National Environment Management Authority Spearheads Wetland Restoration Efforts in Embu County


The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has embarked on a commendable mission to rehabilitate several wetlands in Embu County. Under the astute leadership of Managing Director Mamo B. Mamo, NEMA has identified Kiambuthu, Ngirimari, and Kariara 1 and 2 as priority sites for restoration efforts.

Led by Chairman Emilio Mugo and Director General Mamo B. Mamo, NEMA’s dedicated team is passionately committed to environmental conservation. Their latest endeavor took them to the 3-acre Ngirimari wetland, situated within Embu town, where they conducted a thorough inspection on Tuesday.

Ngirimari wetland, like many others, faces the imminent threat of human encroachment and degradation. To address this pressing issue, NEMA plans to implement a multifaceted approach centered around bamboo cultivation and strategic fencing. These measures aim to facilitate the wetland’s natural regeneration while providing crucial protection against further encroachment.

The significance of wetlands cannot be overstated; they serve as invaluable habitats for diverse flora and fauna, regulate water flow, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

By undertaking this restoration initiative, NEMA not only safeguards these vital ecosystems but also underscores the importance of sustainable environmental management.


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