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Infobip, a leading global cloud communications platform, has urged businesses to leverage communication channels strategically to optimize customer interactions and boost sales during the festive season.

In today’s digital age, customer satisfaction hinges on the quality of interactions. Each touchpoint, whether encountering an advertisement, engaging with customer support, or downloading an app, shapes the customer’s perception of the brand and influences their overall shopping experience.

“To enhance customer experiences, businesses need to map out all touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Identifying and optimizing these touchpoints, from pre-purchase to post-purchase, can significantly impact customer satisfaction and brand loyalty,” said Jeff Oduor, Account Executive at Infobip.

As customers increasingly demand smooth and connected interactions across various platforms, the use of omnichannel communication—utilizing more than one channel—is recommended. Tailoring messages to individual customer preferences and behaviors ensures a cohesive and personalized messaging experience.

“Customers respond best to human-to-human communication, and this is achievable through the integration of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and messaging apps,” adds Oduor. Leveraging technology for instant and personable communication also provides a brand with a competitive edge.

Infobip recommends incorporating clickable buttons in mobile app messages, chat apps, and Rich Communication Services (RCS) to facilitate quick and convenient responses. Maintaining a conversational and natural tone while embedding clickable buttons for easy customer response is crucial to avoid being perceived as invasive or spammy.

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“When you have a customer’s contact details, don’t take advantage of that to send a stream of ads or reminders to visit your website. Your messages should offer something that makes your customer’s life easier and happier. Where possible, always give your customers options—people love the freedom to choose. Provide helpful and exciting content customized to suit their interests and preferences,” he adds.

As businesses gear up for the festive season, Infobip stands ready to support organizations in enhancing their communication strategies for increased customer satisfaction and sales.

Infobip foresees a surge in messaging interactions on Black Friday and the Festive Season. According to Infobip, both Black Friday and Festive Season are expected to experience a substantial 55% increase in messaging activity compared to the rest of the year.

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