Owner of Faulty School Van to be Arraigned in Court Monday by NTSA, Traffic police


The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) together with the Traffic police will on Monday arraign in court one Samson Wanjala the owner of a school van whose acceleration has been tampered with.

The vehicle, identified as a Toyota van with registration KBX 844Y, was found to have a tampered acceleration pedal, raising serious safety concerns.

Beneath the acceleration pedal, a nail had been deliberately welded to prevent the driver from pressing it down.

Motoring pundits suggest that this modification was intended to save fuel by limiting the driver’s ability to accelerate, thus consuming less fuel.

Besides that, it poses a serious safety hazard.

This modification restricts the driver’s ability to accelerate the vehicle, potentially leading to dangerous situations on the road.

The vehicle was towed to Kilimani Police station after a pedestrian noticed the alteration and reported the issue to the authorities.

Traffic police said they have inspected the vehicle.

The owner is out on police bond.

The vehicle was carrying pupils of St Georges Primary school when it stalled for lack of fuel last Friday.
NTSA Director General George Njao said all school vans must be yellow.

The clamped van is light green in color.

He asked Kenyans to report to the authorities whenever they come across such deliberate alterations that can cause fatal accidents.

“Parents should take responsibility and occasionally review their children’s mode of transport. At NTSA, we want to ensure everyone is safe but it’s also the societies responsibility to ensure we all do the right things,” Njao said.

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