Philip Mainga’s Tenacity Drives Success at Kenya Railways


Philip Mainga's Remarkable Leadership at KRC: Driving 90% Achievement of Objectives

Philip Mainga, the Managing Director of the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC), has emerged as a dynamic force in propelling the success of Kenya’s railway infrastructure. With an unwavering commitment to revitalizing the nation’s railways, Mainga is spearheading transformative initiatives that promise to reshape not only the railways but also the urban landscape of Nairobi.

Under Mainga’s visionary leadership, the Kenya Railways Corporation is currently overseeing the ambitious Nairobi Railway City Project.

This multi-modal project, situated at the heart of Nairobi, represents a significant step towards decongesting the city, generating employment opportunities for the youth, creating a sustainable urban environment, and bolstering ridership for the Nairobi Commuter Rail.

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“I am a results-oriented leader with over two decades of experience in Railway Operations. My track record speaks to my ability to turn around performance through keen analysis, insightful strategies, and collaborative teamwork,” affirms Mainga.

The Nairobi Railway City (NRC) is an iconic urban development endeavor to be established within the expansive 200-acre property currently occupied by the Nairobi Railway Station.

This visionary project is a cornerstone of the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Plan (NIUPLAN) and represents a strategic expansion of Nairobi’s Central Business District beyond its traditional boundaries.

Notable dignitaries, including Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi and Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, joined Mainga in hosting the Minister of State in the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, Rt. Hon. Andrew Mitchell, during a recent site visit to the Nairobi Railway City project.

In recognition of his exceptional competence and dedication, the Board of Kenya Railways Corporation extended Mr. Mainga’s term in 2022, granting him a second three-year tenure.

Standard Guage Railway

His achievements include the successful operations of the Nairobi-Mombasa Madaraka Express Passenger and Freight services, the construction and commissioning of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Phase 2A to Naivasha, the refurbishment of Mv-Uhuru, a long-neglected wagon ferry owned by Kenya Railways, and the construction of the Meter Gauge Railway siding to the newly upgraded fuel loading facilities at the Kenya Pipeline Corporation depot in Kisumu.

Mainga’s qualifications reflect his dedication to continuous learning and professional growth. He holds a master’s degree in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi, a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Mysore, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, also from the University of Mysore.

His commitment to regional integration in Africa is evident through his completion of a course jointly offered by the World Bank Institute and the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC).

Furthermore, Mainga is a distinguished professional member of the Certified Finance Management for Project Managers, an Associate Member of MEGADEV Consultants, and an Associate Member of the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM).

In this dynamic era of railway development, Philip Mainga stands as an exemplar of visionary leadership, driving Kenya’s railway sector towards unprecedented success and contributing significantly to the nation’s progress.

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