PNU Turns 15, Communication Department Failing the Party Ahead of Recruitment Drive


It was pomp and colour as the Party of National Unity (PNU) turned 15.

In a ceremony held at the Party’s Headquarters in Nairobi on 31st January 2024, several Azimio One Kenya Coalition leaders led by Raila Odinga attended the event.

disclosed how insiders who worked with former President Mwai Kibaki (late), led to the break up of the National Alliance Rainbow Coalition (NARC).

Speaking on Wednesday, Raila said Kibaki was feeble because of the car accident he had been involved in and a lot of things were being run by his people.

He said the elite who controlled things around the third president were opportunists and they created an ideology of the once very strong party splitting.

The party which is currently under the leadership of ex-Meru Governor Peter Munya announced that at the road to 2027 has just but started because “Kenya is in ICU”.

Munya declared that Kenya’s “problems cannot wait” and that the Opposition must stand up to be counted in liberating the country.

He said the party would traverse the entire country recruiting members and revamping its networks ahead of 2027.

Speaking during an event to mark PNU’s 15th anniversary, Munya said the government has let Kenyans down on many fronts including overseeing a dilapidated economy.

Meanwhile, all is not rosy in the Mwai Kibaki founded party as some elements in the crucial department are hell bent in ensuring the party loses ground as it prepares to start mass recruitment of new members.

The party has enrolled the services of an incompetent team that is running its communication department. The department that handles the media failed hands down during the fete after it out rightly mistreated members of the fourth estate. A lady by the name Lisa Murithi is alleged to could have colluded with few elements from a local media broadcasting in a local dialect around Mt Kenya to segregate and mistreat journalists who covered the event.



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