Police Disrupt Deputy President William Rutos’ meeting


By Mourice Seretta

Barely a day after the National Security Advisory Committee led by Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua warned against campaigns that it said were being used to incite millions of jobless youth a meeting organized by local leaders in Kebirigo Township in Nyamira County that was to be attended by Deputy President William Ruto today was dispersed by police using teargas.

Police officers clad in anti-riot gear stormed Kebirigo High School where the meeting was being held and ordered crowds that had gathered there awaiting the Deputy President to vacate the premises saying that such a meeting was not sanctioned and was not to take place.

‘Orders from the National Security Advisory Committee are very clear and this meeting is illegal and will not take place. You have very few minutes to leave this compound as soon as possible,’ a senior police officer told the gathering.

However, West Mugirango Member of Parliament Vincent Kemosi and his North Mugirango counterpart Joash Nyamoko insisted that the meeting was legal and accused Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Marina of being used to send the police to disrupt the meeting.

‘We talked with Marina last week and agreed that the meeting was to go on as planned. It is unfortunate that he has decided to disrupt the meeting when it has barely began,’ lamented Kemosi.

On his part, an agitated Kitutu Masaba MP Shadrack John Mose said the leaders were not cowards and were not going to relent on helping youths in the area by empowering them adding that the meeting was meant to help our youths establish themselves, instead of being criminals in the community.

“The DP is arriving at the venue by 2.00 pm and we will be there to welcome our leader as it was planned, said Nyamoko.

“We want to tell the police that whoever is expected here is not a village elder but a Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya and the second in command, we will have a meeting whether they like it or not! We will not bow to mere pressures whatsoever,” Kemosi noted.

He warned the officials from the Interior Ministry will not intimidate the DP’s brigade.

 “Their days are numbered at the Interior Ministry and they cannot intimidate or threaten us. We are not cowards,” he said.

Kinyua directed that all public gatherings and processions, irrespective of the social, political and economic status of those who convene them, must be approved by police at least three days in advance and that the convener must always be present throughout the meetings or processions and shall assist the police in the maintenance of law and order at the event.

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