Punish Pinewood Hotel Attackers To Protect Tourism Sector


The November 17, 2023 attack on Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa in Diani, Kwale County, was not just an isolated incident; it was a direct assault on Kenya’s tourism sector.

This sector, already fragile from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, now faces further damage to its reputation and investor confidence due to the lack of government action in apprehending the attackers.

Investor confidence is essential for the growth of the tourism sector.

Without it, potential investments that could create jobs and boost the economy are at risk.

The government’s failure to swiftly apprehend the attackers sends a message of negligence, further eroding confidence in the sector.

Moreover, the safety and security of tourists visiting Kenya are paramount.

The government’s lack of action raises serious concerns about its commitment to ensuring the safety of tourists. Hotel workers and tourists need assurance that they can visit Kenya without fear of such attacks.

What happened to the promise by Tourism Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua that action would be taken?

Will this be another case of stones being left unturned?

It is imperative that the government takes immediate action to apprehend the perpetrators of the Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa attack.

This not only serves as a deterrent to future attackers but also demonstrates that Kenya takes the security of its hotel workers and tourists seriously.

In addition to apprehending the attackers, the government must also take steps to improve security measures in tourist areas.

This includes increasing police presence, implementing stricter security protocols, and enhancing intelligence gathering to prevent future attacks.

The time for action is now. The government must prioritize the security of the tourism sector and take decisive steps to apprehend the attackers and improve security measures.

Failure to do so will not only damage the tourism sector but also harm Kenya’s reputation as a safe and welcoming destination.

In addressing disputes of any nature, it is imperative to uphold the rule of law.

Resorting to violence not only results in injuries and destruction of property but also tarnishes the image of the tourism sector.

The attack on Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa in Diani is a stark reminder of the destructive consequences of failing to resolve disputes through legal and peaceful means.

Following the rule of law ensures that disputes are resolved fairly and justly, without resorting to violence. It upholds the principles of justice, equality, and respect for human rights.

Moreover, it sends a clear message that Kenya is a country that values the rule of law and respects the rights of its citizens and visitors.

In the context of the tourism sector, following the rule of law is crucial for maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for tourists.

The author of the article is Mr Julius Owino, the Kenya Coast Tourist Association Chief Executive Officer.

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