Quickmart Supermarket on the Spot for Purportedly Selling Stale, Poisonous Food


Nairobi Members of County Assembly are investigating a matter in which one of the Kenyan leading supermarket has been allegedly selling stale foods to its clients.

In a request for statement by California MCA Hashim Kamau, there are several reported cases in which Quickmart Supermarket, Kilimani branch has allegedly been selling poisonous and food unfit for human consumption mostly cooked and perishable foods.

“Once food is cooked, even if it doesn’t get sold for the day they still reheat it or reprint stickers extending the expiry date and eventually selling it customers posing serious health issues including deaths of its customers,” MCA Hashim told the House.

MCA Kamau want the committee for health to inquire why Quickmart Supermarket has been allowed to sell stale and food unfit for human consumption, how do these supermarkets practice management of good food hygiene in the process of outsourcing, processing, storing, selling and disposing of food especially cooked and perishable food.

Hashim also wants to know the measures the county executive has put in place to control and curb mushrooming supermarkets that sell expired, stale and poisonous food in the county.

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