Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano has been ranked as the best-performing CS in a recent survey by Mizani Africa.

Miano got a 73.2 per cent rating followed by her interior Affairs counterpart Kithure Kindiki who scored a 68.4 per cent.

Information Communication CS Eliud Owallo came third with 63.4 percent.

The stellar performance by Miano has been attributed to the Launch of the Karibu Business Support Centre,(KBSC) a one-stop point of contact for all business needs, hosting and holding over 10 high powered Bilateral meetings with American based Companies during the AmCham Summit and Kenya being granted tariff-free exports of cut flowers to the United Kingdom for the next two years.

According to Mizani, the facilitation of the ratification of the Kenya-EU EPA by Kenya’s National Assembly, unveiling of the KEBS Kenya Cobalt 60 (CO-60) radiotherapy calibration system 6th March 2024) and the Signed MOUs with 18 County Governments on CAIPs also highly contributed to her rating.

The research by Mizani has also revealed that the Trade CS is the most committed among the President ruto led Cabinet.


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