Report On Inclusivity Of Persons With Disability In Nairobi County


By Njeri Irungu

report looking into if the status of the Built Environment in Nairobi is favourable for persons with disabilities has this afternoon been launched at a Nairobi hotel.

The report titled: Case Study Report on Inclusive Design and Accessibility of the Built Environment was made possible through data collections using various techniques to include: Face to face interviews, workshop and photo diaries with 15 stakeholders and persons with disabilities that are working and living in Nairobi.

The research was conducted in 6 countries across the world with 3 being in Asia, two in Africa and the other in South America.

Speaking during the launch, Executive Director of Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa Ms Suparna Biswas said: “During the data collection process we noticed that there is a disconnect between the policy and the actual Infrastructure within Nairobi and a lot of advocacy is required to change things”

The suggestion for what may make Nairobi work were:inclusive infrastructure, security, inclusive housing, a rich urban life, access to opportunitiea especially for persons living with disabilities.
The study was conducted for the period between July 2021 and December 2021.

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