Rev Martin Kivuva: Let’s observe traffic rules to reduce roads accidents

By Tobby Otum
The increase in number of road carnage along the highways is a  wake up call.  Chairman Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Most Rev Martin Kivuva called for strict observation of traffic rules from both sides.
He asked motorists  to abide by traffic rules which they had learned during driving lessons to avert more road accidents.
“Road accidents have turned the country into tragedy and mourning,” he pointed out.
Kivuva called for more caution from all road users to avert more tragedies due to road accidents.  He was reacting to the loss of lives through road accidents from the beginning of this year.
The Catholic Bishop told the media they are perturbed by the loss of more lives through road accidents.  Kivuva added the observation of traffic rules will reduce  road accidents despite there being few traffic police officers.
He argued it’s not possible to have police officers manning the road network everywhere.
“Let’s obey traffic rules and road signs to reduce road carnage,” he appealed.

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