Ruto Faulted for ‘Overtaxing’ Kenyans


By  Tobby  Otum

Kenyans are tired of being heavily taxed and this cannot be allowed to continue, former Prime  Minister Raila Odinga has cautioned the government.

He cautioned the government to stop taking the electorate for a ride with the excuse of the economy being in ICU.

“Let the government intefisfy its war against corruption instead of increasing taxes and levies,” he pointed out.

Raila poked holes into the Kenya Kwanza administration and demanded for the lowering of prices of essential commodities.

He was speaking during  the burial for Mzee Katoi Kahindi  Mulanda held at Biyubu village, Bamba location in Ganze constituency, Kilifi county. The deceased was father to ODM Youth leader.

The Azimio leader reminded mourners that the electorate are heavily taxed and this cannot be allowed to continue.    

He added life has become unbearable with skyrocketing of prices of essential commodities arguing its impossble to move from one destination to the next. 

“The government has the responsibility to fulfil its campaign pledges without any lame excuses,” he pointed out.

The former Prime Minister warned the government not to impose more taxes and levies and vowed to oppose the move. 

The Azimo leader said he will resist any government  attempt to increase levies and taxes and urged the government to look for alternative ways for economic recovery. 

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