Sakaja on the Spot over Embezzling 900 Million Taxpayers Money on Garbage Collection


Nairobi Govenor Johnson Sakaja is on the spot following irregular payment of garbage collectors amounting to 900 million Kenya Shillings that has been paid through NMS accounts despite the agency’s term at Cityhall having expired.

Nairobi mcas are now questioning the irregular payments fearing that tax payers money could have been lost.

The MCAs claim that despite drugs lacking in various public health centres, the Govenor has restored paying garbage contractors through NMS accounts that were ordered by president Ruto to close down until audit of those payments be done.

“Sakaja paid garbage collectors last week and this week, over 900 million shillings, but in our hospitals no drugs, our people are dying, we read malice in this irregular payments,” an MCA who sought anonymity told this reporter.

The MCAs now want graft agency EACC to follow up the matter urgently and adress the irregular payments through active NMS accounts, before tax payers money is looted in pockets of a few individuals.

“We call upon EACC , DCI to move with speed and investigate Governor Sakaja and block him from misappropriating public funds,” the MCA said.

The City Reps are now wondering why Sakaja is using NMS accounts to make payments to garbage collectors yet the accounts should have been closed until an audit of all pending bills is done.

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