Sakaja Routes for Green Constructions in Nairobi


As the climate change conversation kick start today, more than 72 presidents worldwide have arrived in Nairobi to deliberate on issues touching climate mitigation strategies and policies, yesterday saw Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja gracing the Pre-Africa Climate Summit at the climate action zone in Raddison Blue Hotel Nairobi.

The event coordinated by the Kenya Green Building Society in partnership with Alliance for Science, plays a crucial role in mobilizing sustainable finance and partnerships for the building and infrastructure environment, green buildings lead part of the wider sustainable urbanization and infrastructure track for the summit.

Speaking at the event, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja said there was a need for green construction, not just to meet Nairobi’s climate goals but to grow the economy, and our resources.

” If we have young people in work building the sort of housing infrastructure that Nairobi needs to meet its climate commitments, then we’re also creating jobs, and we can expect more revenue. There is a viscous cycle available to us” governor Sakaja said.

According to Governor Sakaja Nairobi City County he has affirmed that Nairobi County has completed a preliminary building assessment of his office which they intend to certify in time for Cop 28 to build the fast green building a move that governor Sakaja says that they make First IFC EDGE the first government office in the world

However, the focus of the Pre Africa-Climate Summit is based on building sustainable cities and laying discussions on rehabilitating and regenerating Africa’s fastest growing cities that will contribute to the Nairobi Declaration.

“As Africans we cannot afford to get it wrong, because climate action for us,is not just an environmental issue, it is a development issue, a dignity issue an investment issue  and a fundamental human rights issue ,also I urge the growing population of young people who want to live an Africa that thrives and Africa that we want.’’ Nasra who is legislator at the Nairobi county.

These event represent Africa’s dedication to leading the way in climate action and invites stakeholders to join the conversation that has drown 25 African presidents on drafting the 2023 Nairobi Declaration on climate matters.

The executive Director of Alliance for Science Dr Sheila Ochugboju said that who knew wed be dealing with climate related challenges many years later in Nairobi,green city under the sun and a place of cool waters.

‘’Science has played a key role in learning about how to prepare for the future that we want we cannot forgive ourselves for nat taking action “Lamented Dr Ochugboju

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