Sansora Group & Simbi Roses Join Kenya’s Anti-Corruption Drive


Sansora Group and Simbi Roses Executive Director Mrs Grace Nyachae (extreme right) displays the Blue Company Plaque. She is Flanked by Blue Company Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Julius Kipng’getich (extreme left) and Mr Jefferson Karue , General Manager Simbi Roses ( second left) and Dr. Samuel Moragia Nyachae a Director of Sansora Group.

Sansora Group of Companies and Simbi Roses have been admitted to the esteemed Blue Company Initiative, a prestigious network dedicated to combating corruption through capacity building and promoting ethical business practices.

With a commitment to transparency and accountability, Sansora Group and Simbi Roses now join over 500 private sector players across East Africa in the relentless pursuit of integrity and anti-bribery efforts.

In a landmark move, the private sector in Kenya recently sponsored a Bribery Bill in Parliament, extending the fight against corruption and establishing specific requirements for private entities to adopt anti-bribery prevention procedures.

Against this backdrop, Sansora Group has emerged as a frontrunner, demonstrating its unwavering We are proud that Sansora Group of Companies and Simbi Roses are now part the Blue Company

Mrs. Grace Nyachae, Executive Director of Sansora Group and Simbi Roses expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are proud that Sansora Group of Companies and Simbi Roses are now part the Blue Company Initiative and we will remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting integrity, transparency, and accountability in the global business landscape”. These are the values that my late husband and I have sought to instill in our businesses for over 40 years which I believe will carry us into the future” ”

Originating from bakery business established in 1954 at Nyanturago Market- Kisii County, Sansora Group has evolved into a multifaceted conglomerate with extensive investments across various sectors in Kenya and beyond.

Since its inception, Sansora Bakery laid the foundation for the group’s expansion, which now spans flour milling, real estate, banking, coffee, and more, with a notable presence in Kenya’s major urban centers.

Simbi Rosses on the other hand is the leading producer and exporter of cut flowers to Europe, Asia and the Far East.

“Sansora Group and Simbi Rosses admission to the Blue Company initiative aligns perfectly with our core values of honesty, accountability, and integrity. We are excited to leverage the resources and network offered by the Blue Company to further strengthen our anti-corruption efforts and contribute to a more transparent and fair business environment.” Added  Mrs Grace Nyachae.

Membership in the Blue Company Initiative offers numerous benefits to Sansora Group, including:

Enhanced Reputation by demonstrating a proactive stance against corruption, both companies enhance their reputation as responsible corporate citizens, access to best practices membership provides access to a wealth of resources aimed at implementing effective anti-corruption measures, networking opportunities for both companies can connect with a global network of like-minded organizations, fostering valuable relationships within the business community, and competitive advantage which  differentiates Sansora Group and Simbi Roses  as ethical and a trustworthy partner in the marketplace.

The blue company project is an initiative founded by Mr Nazir Juma in 2018 to bring together captains of industry of the private sector, corporations and institutions and members of the public with the objective of encouraging companies to fight corruption in all its forms.

In Kenya, corruption continues to be an obstacle to the economy as it impedes innovation and affects allocation of resources which leads to widening income disparities, slows economic development and results in overall increase in the cost of doing business.

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