Setback as Tim Wanyonyi Disowns MCA Palapala’s MP Bid


Tim Wanyonyi, the Westlands member of parliament, has strongly cautioned Alvin Palapala, Kitusuru MCA, against prematurely campaigning for the MP seat. Speaking to Kangemi residents, Wanyonyi criticized Palapala for his disrespectful behavior towards his office and warned him to refrain from associating Wanyonyi’s name with his political activities.

Asserting his authority, Wanyonyi emphasized that his office would not tolerate any attempts by Palapala to besmirch his reputation through premature politicking. He urged Palapala to focus on his own responsibilities and not interfere with Wanyonyi’s political domain.

Expressing his displeasure, Wanyonyi admonished Palapala for engaging in social media activities that falsely portray him as the area MP, labeling such behavior as disrespectful. He sternly warned Palapala to desist from such actions, making it clear that this would be the final warning.

Wanyonyi advised Palapala to stick to his own lane and refrain from involving Wanyonyi’s name in his political endeavors, lest he face further consequences for his actions.

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