Shabana FC’s Grit Shines in Face of Gor Mahia’s Slim Victory


In a gripping clash witnessed by fervent fans at the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani, Shabana FC demonstrated exceptional resilience despite narrowly losing 1-0 to Gor Mahia. The match, characterized by intense gameplay and controversial decisions, underscored Shabana FC’s unwavering determination to challenge the reigning champions.

Guided by head coach Sammy Okoth, Shabana FC entered the game with a well-thought-out plan to rival Gor Mahia’s dominance, even in the absence of key players due to injuries. The team’s defensive lineup exhibited impressive unity and toughness, with goalkeeper Erick Ongiri standing out as a star player, making vital saves to thwart Gor Mahia’s relentless assaults.

The pivotal moment arrived in the 79th minute when Shabana FC’s defender Aduda Abisolom received a red card, reducing the team to ten players. This decision, surrounded by controversy and heated debates, heightened the tension on the field. Despite being a man down, Shabana FC continued to repel Gor Mahia’s advances, displaying unyielding resolve until the final whistle.

Coach Sammy Okoth lauded his team for their tenacity, praising their ability to withstand immense pressure. “I am immensely proud of my team. Despite the challenges and the red card, our players fought bravely. Their determination and resilience are truly commendable,” Okoth remarked, acknowledging his players’ efforts.

Shabana FC’s loyal supporters, known for their steadfast dedication, stood by their team throughout the game. James Omari, an enthusiastic fan, acknowledged the players’ fighting spirit and encouraged fellow supporters to maintain their belief.

“Our players fought like true champions. We must continue believing in them and offer our unwavering support. Tough times are temporary, but strong teams endure,” emphasized Omari.

Another ardent supporter, James Maribo, emphasized the importance of unity among fans, players, and sponsors. “We are a family, a community united by our love for Shabana FC. Our sponsors, Bangbet, have shown tremendous faith in our team. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder and keep the Shabana spirit alive,” declared Maribo.

Speaking of Bangbet, their consistent support has been a driving force behind Shabana FC’s journey. The Sh20 million sponsorship deal, initiated before the season started, has provided the team with vital resources and financial stability. Bangbet’s commitment to uplifting local communities and nurturing talent aligns seamlessly with Shabana FC’s vision for growth and success.

“Our partnership with Bangbet extends beyond the pitch. It’s about fostering pride and unity within our community. Together, we are building a legacy that future generations will admire,” stated Okoth, expressing his gratitude for the sponsors’ significant role.

As Shabana FC faces the challenges of the season, their unyielding resilience and the unwavering support from their fans and sponsors continue to inspire hope. The team’s ability to confront adversity head-on, combined with the enduring faith of their supporters and sponsors, lays the foundation for a promising future in Kenyan football. Driven by their fighting spirit and bolstered by their dedicated community, Shabana FC remains ready to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger in the battles that await them.

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