Sonko, Guyo Win MCA Abbas and Mbatia to UDA Party


Isiolo governor Abdi Guyo who has been in Nairobi politics for some time now has teamed with Mike Sonko to lure their friends into President William Ruto’s UDA Party.

Those who have been successfully lured into the President’s party includes South C MCA Osman Khalif, former Minority leader Michael Ogada, Former Nairobi Clerk Jacob Ngwele, Former Kahawa MCA Joseph Komu.

“It is a strategy to have those who understand Nairobi politics back together.Guyo and Sonko are good mobilizers and are known for deep pockets too so is not a surprise to see them joining the UDA bandwagon.From where I sit there is much in the kitchen.” Edward Manga political commentator said.

Sonko met the politicians in a city hotel where dates were also set to secretly register Abbas, Ogada, Mbatia, Tim in UDA Party.

“The card is to have them in first then they will be unveiled later.The recruitment process is being headed by Sonko together with Guyo.” He added.

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