Speaker’s PA graduates with master’s in business administration


Education Is Key, Nairobi Speaker PA Has Made It Despite Difficulties

Hafsa Hussein the personal assistant to Nairobi County Assembly Speaker is the new graduate in town after attaining Master of Business Administration thanks to her hard work.

According to Hafsa her passion for business and management propelled her to new status despite hailing from marginalized community.
Hafsa is making her first stab as speakers’ top aide an office that has also given her platform to redeem and enhance her capacity as a manager.

“It has been quite a journey and I would like first give thanks to Allah for this great achievement of all time. I hail from Mandera county and to reach that level one need resilience because it has not been easy thanks to my family.’’ Hafswa said.

She has called on young women never to give up and that the only way to empower themselves if through education.

‘‘Education is key to success, to our women out their feel encouraged and pursue whatever goal you want. Sometimes it might not be rosy but of course we must keep on pushing.’’ She added.

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