Stay Firm on Muguka Ban Civil Society Tell Coastal Counties


Civil Societies drawn from the coast region have put their weight behind three county governors in the coast region who have banned the sell of muguka.


They urged them to extend the ban to consumption and the entry of the product into their respective counties.


The civil society members urged them to stand firm in their resolve to ban muguka in their respective counties.


They urged them not to be shaken by the national government’s step against their decision.


Led by Muslims for Human Rights [Muhuri] Executive Director Wallid Kassim Said they asked them to take firm steps in their fight against drugs and sustenance abuse in the region.


They were addressing journalists at Muslims for Human Rights [Muhuri] offices outside the Mombasa Law Courts in Mombasa county.


The Muhuri Executive Director called on all political leaders to refrain from politicising the issue of the ban of drugs and sustenance abuse in the coast region.


Wallid asked leaders in the region not to be cowed by the national government’s sentiments.


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