Stephen Obewo: Creating Jobs Through Manufacturing


When you visit Siaya County, and especially Siaya Town, the air you inhale will most certainly resonate with the brilliance of one gentleman, witty and endowed with Solomonic wisdom.

The man who decided he won’t just sit down and wait for magic to happen.

Cognizant and alive to the fact that unemployment is a thorn in the flesh of most youths, Mr Stephen Obewo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nambole Traders, hatched a plan to start manufacturing.

Through the courtesy and wise guidance by Epic Business Tours, Mr Stephen Obewo, flew to China to assess the best industry he can venture into and create employment back home.

After a thorough research and sufficing paperwork, it was time for rubber to meet the road.

He imported state of the art machines that specializes in manufacture of chain link, barbed wire and nails.

So to speak, Mr. Stephen Obewo is now the biggest single local employer in Siaya County, and also the name Nambole Traders is a household name.

Epic Business Tours took us through the state of the art Nambole Traders industry and it’s a masterpiece to reckon with.

The air is pleasant on this beautiful Saturday, the sun blissfully kissing the earth that is still damp from yesternight’s downpour.

A very hearty, warm and charismatic Mr Mustapha, the production manager was at hand to take us through. The machines are roaring heavily whilst at the other end emitting the gem – that is the finished product.

Stephen Obewo meticulously manufactures customized and top notch materials both for construction and fencing.

The workers clad in their overalls are glued to the machines, feeding them minute by minute, carefully checking that everything is fine.

It’s true that their Team Leader, Mr. Stephen Obewo who also doubles up as the Chairman of Kenya national chamber of commerce and industry Siaya Chapter.

Mr. Obewo was at the time away on official duty in the Democratic Republic of Congo, or Congo Brazzaville, where he had accompanied KNCCI President Dr Eric Rutto for an official function.

However, Mr Mustapha ably represented him and the whole industry tour was a great success.

We wish Mr. Stephen Obewo nothing but God’s favour, good health of body and mind and God’s immeasurable blessings.

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